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Are you looking for a good CNC machine shop in Toronto? 


Fret no more.


For all your precision machining needs, expect Toronto’s Blue Water Technology to cover your back. Our trustworthy and committed team can help you with all your production needs. 


The company’s objective is to offer clients topnotch products and services that can help any business or brand of all sizes improve their productivity, enhance their operations, increase sales, and stay ahead of the pack.


Blue Water Technology has everything you need, from our inspection equipment to our computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing system. We strive perfection in everything we do to our clients, because we know demand nothing less.




Blue Water Technology works with only the best designers, engineers, and buyers out there to provide the quality services for your various machining needs.


Our highly competent team will assist you in addressing any issues or concerns that may happen at any point during the design and production process. Our machines are programmed to make sure the final product will be precise based on the design you gave and well-suited to your needs.

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CNC Machining


Blue Water Technology can provide clients various CNC machining needs, including precision drilling and tapping, milling flat stock into very intricate designs, cutting and shaping, and other CNC turning lathe machine requests. Our machines can precisely operate and oversee the task as needed, while at the same time making adjustments or tweaking details as needed.

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​Manual Machining


Our highly skilled and experienced employees can provide clients manual machining services that are tailored and catered to their individual needs. In Toronto, the company has become associated with reliability and quality when it comes to manual machining services.


Blue Water Technology caters to a lot of clients all over Toronto, especially since CNC machining offers a very wide array of metal and plastic elements that have become crucial parts of businesses of various shapes and sizes. Many industries these days need complex cuts that are the same time accurate as well as consistent. These industries include agriculture, automotive, electronics, construction, manufacturing, transportation and even military.


With Blue Water Technology, your business can expect to have complex machinery, whether they are grinders, lathes, or routers. Using our machining services that are known all over in Toronto, the most complicated needs of your company or business can be accomplished in just a simple set of prompts.

Blue Water Technology believes that new technologies are the way to go for today’s businesses and excited about the prospects how these technologies can translate to revenues for our customers. 


With our company, your company can expect speed, accuracy, and efficient production rate, something that other machining companies cannot offer. Our team can make sure your components are really precise, eliminating any possible human errors in the process, and reliably enduring. Don’t your business want something like that?

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