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WaterJet Cutting technology is gaining massive acceptance in the world. The service has been found useful for different industries and its use case is also expanding. From the aviation to construction industries, there is high demand for this technology. That’s why we at Blue Water Technology Inc. are bringing the service to the corridors of prospects in Toronto/GTA. If you’re looking at using the technology, we’re the best option to serve your needs.


WaterJet Cutting: What it is and what it’s not

The technology is the latest innovation in machine tool processing. With this, you can easily get your way around stiff metals and other high-pressure materials. To achieve this, a Water Jet Cutter (or Water Jet) must be handy. The Water Jet is an industrial tool capable of cutting through varieties of materials. An abrasive substance is one of the important features when using the tool and a high-pressure jet of water also compliments the function. General, the technology lets you make accurate cuts and get a clean edge finish at the end of the process. Also, material wastes will be cut down and the costs also getting a cut.

Water Jet Cutting is not for home use. The use case is strictly for industrial purposes. That is why we target our scope to aviation, medical, construction, automotive, construction, and other similar industries.

How it Works

Water Jets are the main tool for operation and demand high-pressure water pushed into the beam of a nozzle. Running the water through a high-pressure pump (such as the crankshaft and intensifier pumps) won’t be a bad idea. After this, the water gets to the nozzle by passing through the high-pressure tubing. The water focuses into a thin beam in the nozzle and after getting ejected from the nozzle, it cuts through the material (such as metal) with a jet speed of about 760 m/s (also same as 2,500 ft./s).

We at Blue Water Technology Inc. cut through materials (such as rubber, glass, stone and, ceramics) up to 6 inches thick with a perfect edge quality. We use the superior Jet Cutter in Toronto/GTA, the 11” x 22” cutting envelope in offering no-heat affected zones when cutting through materials.

Why Blue Water Technology Inc.?

Blue Water Technology Inc. is passionate about creating innovative technologies which in turn creates streams of income for our clients. We have been in the business for more than two (2) decades and within this timeframe, we have been providing our clients with on-the-spot services. Our recent interest is on the Water Jet Cutting technology and we’re starting off with Toronto while making plans to extend our services to other parts of Ontario.

If you’re looking for a company that can handle your industrial needs, our out-of-the-box and practical solutions to critical problems will match your needs. We cut metals, composites, plastics, ceramics and lots more. Our services also cover mechanical engineering, 3D solid modeling, automatic systems design and, patent drawings.

Our services come with precise high-quality cutting that does not need additional finishing. You’ll be impressed by our AutoCAD design for customized Water Jet items and our precision abrasive cutting is another service you won’t want to miss.

As industrial needs are on the rise, industries want to get the best of service without causing damage to the immediate environment. Blue Water Technology Inc. is here to offer a no heat-affected zone (HAZ), perfect finish and bypassing of heat exposure. With our consideration for your budget, we help you save money through our great material utilization. In a nutshell, we offer versatile Water Jet Cutting in an environmentally-friendly pattern.

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